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How long does the battery of pocket wifi last? Should you have your own mobile charger?

In general, pocket wifi works for 5 to 12 hours.

However, it really depends on what model of pocket wifi you are using.
There are different types of pocket wifi devices with different battery capacity, energy efficiency, and so on.
It also depends on how heavy you want to use it.

The more devices connecting to the wifi, the shorter the battery life will be.
The more data you download/stream/upload, the shorter the battery life will be.

So, how long does FoxWIfi's model's battery last?

Surprisingly, it actually lasts up to 18 to 20 hours.
If the device is 100% charged in the morning, it will keep working for a whole day.
Luckily, you will get a free mobile battery charger FOR FREE if you order with FoxWifi, while other providers offer it with an additional price.

FAQ: Can I use pocket wifi while charging?

Yes, you can.
Since the battery of pocket wifi that FoxWifi provides lasts a whole day, we usually recommend charging it while you are sleeping in a night time.
Whether you can use pocket wifi while charging or not actually depends on the model of pocket wifi, so I can say the model we provide works.
Sometimes the battery requires lots of electricity if many devices are connected, so even when it's being charged, the battery level can decrease.

So, I'd say it'd be best if you could turn the pocket wifi off when you are not using it and the wifi is being charged at night.
Also, sometimes, the voltage of the outlets in a hotel room is not enough, so I'd also advise you to check if the wifi can be charged properly.