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Which pick-up option suits your needs? Airport, hotel, or post office?

First of all, what are the options when picking up your pocket wifi?

  • Airport
  • Hotel
  • 24/7 bigger post office
  • Local post office
  • company office

These are the options we provide.
Unfortunately, we don't deliver to a residence, including Airbnb room.
This is because the delivery staff can't expect someone receiving the package for you.
However, if you need to, we provide an option where you can select a physical address, so please provide us the name of the receiver and other details like address and phone number in the order form.

What do people do usually?

Airport pickup is usually the most convenient option among others.
However, you have to be careful about one thing: business hours.
The pickup desk is open only in the daytime, so if you land at late night or too early in the morning, it doesn't work.

What if it's closed?

Do not worry, although you can't expect good free public wifi hotspots in Japan, at least there are some in the airport.
You need to make sure you know the way to your hotel.
You can pick up at your hotel front desk, or you can pick up on your way to the hotel.

On FoxWifi's order form, we provide a list of bigger post offices that are open 24/7 with a map, so even if your flight time doesn't work for the airport pickup, you do not have to worry.
Or, you can just tell us what hotel you are staying, and we will have your package delivered to the hotel front desk.
Please make sure to provide us a hotel booking name, if the booking name and the name you submit for the wifi rental are different.

If you want to have it delivered to your office in Japan, that's also possible. Give us an address and the company name and receivers'name or department name so we can make sure we deliver to the right exact place.

Or if you are staying in some local places and you don't see a big post office or anything around you, there still should be smaller local post offices around you.
Local post offices are usually open in a daytime, but sometimes that works better for some people.
In that case, select a "Physical Address" option in FoxWifi's order form and provide us a name and address of the local post office where you want to pick your package up.

If you have any question or don't know what would work best for you, just contact us and we will tell you the best option for you!