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The reason why you should place an order ASAP

In this article, I will explain why it's better to place your order as soon as possible.
I am going straight to the point.

It is because you can get a better deal. The earlier, the cheaper.

We at FoxWifi have a price discount system called 'Early Bird Discount', which makes your order cheaper, depending on how early you make the order before your rental start date.
You'd probably wonder how much discount you can get.

Starting from 7 days before your rental start date to more than 60 days before your rental start date, it offers a discount of 5% to 15%.
This means you can get the benefit if you make an order at least 7 days before your rental start date.
The rental start date is the date that you want to pick up the pocket wifi package in Japan.

Let me show you some examples.
When your order price is 10000 JPY, if you order..
  • 7 days before - 9500 JPY
  • 14 days before - 9300 JPY
  • 30 days before - 9000 JPY
  • 60 days before - 8500 JPY

These prices are all for the same product and plan.

Still don't want to order just in case you need to cancel it in the future?

Don't worry.
We do not take any cancelation fee until we actually ship your package, which is about 3 days before your rental start date.
In case you need to cancel the order, just reply to the confirmation email you received when you made your order and let us know that you want to cancel the order.
We will make a full refund of the amount you paid.

One more thing you might wonder.
'I could miss a better deal from a different pocket wifi provider if I order today at FoxWifi. I think I should wait a bit more to see more options.'
Do not worry, we got your back.
We have a 'Best Price Promise' policy. If you find a better deal from a different provider, just contact us, and we will match the price for you.

However, I think you don't even have to worry about it in the first place because we have good confidence that we offer the best price.
We did research about the prices from different providers, including all the hidden costs such as transaction fees, shipping fees, tax, insurance, and so on and then set our price lower than all other providers. This is why we can confidently offer the 'Best Price Promise' policy.

I think I made it clear why it's better to place your order as soon as possible.

From my experience, planning travel is hard work, and you'd probably want to arrange everything as soon as possible.
If so, what are you waiting for?
Just place an order today at FoxWifi and then you don't need to be concerned about getting internet in Japan!