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5 Reasons Why You Need To Rent A Pocket Wifi for your visit to Japan

Needles to say, it's clear that you need the mobile internet especially when you are traveling to a foreign country.
With it, you can contact your family in your home country, look up how to get to places, post on your favorite social media, and so on.
There are some mobile internet options when you visit Japan, such as pocket wifi, prepaid SIM card, eSIM, and global roaming.
Among them, I think pocket wifi is the best solution for you. 
In this article, I will show you 5 reasons why you need to rent your own pocket wifi when you come to Japan.

1. You can't rely on free wifi hotspots in Japan at all.

Here are the brief reasons why.
- Slow
- Unreliable connection
- Not Secure
- Some require your email and registration
- Some only provide for a short time like 30 minutes

Here is a link to an article where I explain free wifi situation in Japan.

2. Pocket wifi works with any mobile devices that have Wi-Fi function.

From smartphones, tablets, and laptops to smartwatches, mobile translators, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita and any other smart devices, pocket wifi works with all those wifi-enabled gadgets.

3. No need to set up

Just like any wifi router you have at your home, school, and office, you can find a wifi SSID (access point name) and connect to it with a password.
No activation or modifying the settings is required.

4. Reliable connection and speed

We, FoxWifi, provide pocket wifi plans that use one of the most reliable carrier's 4G LTE cellular networks.
It covers almost 100% of the areas where people live and go.
It doesn't make you wait for streaming videos and doesn't cut your phone calls off.

5. Shareable with your companions

With the pocket wifi that FoxWifi provides, you can connect up to 15 devices simultaneously to the internet. 
You, and your group, have more than one device in total, right?

Even local Japanese people love pocket wifi.

Since Japan doesn't have a good free wifi situation, local people enjoy their own pocket wifi.
There is no doubt that it makes your life, especially your travel convenient.
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