Frequently Asked Questions about our pocket wifi rental plan

How many days in advance should I place my order?SIEBEL

It's recommended to order 3 days in advance as there might be some restrictions on pickup locations if it's later than that (you can still order though). But in general, the earlier, the better as we might run out of stock especially in high seasons.

How do I pickup at the airport?SIEBEL

Go to the post office and tell them that you are expecting a package, and then show them your passport and the tracking number that we send you before the pickup date. They know what to do.

What does the return date mean?SIEBEL

It is the day you drop off the rental items. You can simply drop it in any post box in Japan. Customers have to drop it off by the midnight of your return date. You do not have to worry about how long it will take for the items to get back to us as long as you drop it off in time.

How much is the shipping fee and tax? SIEBEL

Shipping fee and tax are included to the price displayed in this website.

How do I pickup at a hotel?SIEBEL

Please ask for your package at the front desk (most hotels hand it to you upon check-in). In case they cannot find it, please show them the tracking information you receive in the shipping confirmation email. Also, it would be helpful if you could inform your hotel that you are expecting a package from us before hand via email, etc..

Do I have to pay to return the rental items?SIEBEL

No, you don't have to. We will provide you a prepaid return package. All you have to do is to put all the items in the return package and drop it in a post box in Japan. Contact us if you lose the prepaid return envelop.

I'm already in Japan, how soon can you deliver?SIEBEL

We can normally deliver an order within 1 - 2 days as long as we have it in stock.

Do you ship overseas?SIEBEL

Unfortunately, we do not ship overseas. However, we also have business partners in some countries too so please email us first so that we can assist you locally (if available).

Can you have an order delivered to my Airbnb?SIEBEL

No. Since we had had many delivery problems with Airbnb places, we recommend you to pick up at a post office near your Airbnb place instead. It will be easier and quicker in most cases.

Is there a post office or post box in the airport?SIEBEL

There are at least a post office and a number of post boxes in every major international airport. But there is no post office at Haneda airport international terminal to pick up your item. Please note that there's no post office or post box after luggage check / customs.

Can I pickup at a post office?SIEBEL

Yes, you can pick up at any post office in Japan.  On our checkout page, you can select a 24h post office from our list.  Contact us if you would like to have your package delivered to a post office that is not in the list(not open 24 hours) in the order form.

When will my order be delivered?SIEBEL

It will be delivered a day before your pickup date. (e.g. If your pickup date is 21st Feb, it will be delivered on the 20th Feb.) Or at the very least by the time you arrive at your pickup location.

Is it easy to find a post box?SIEBEL

Yes, it is fairly easy as there are a lot of them all over Japan. They are colored red and have “〒” symbol on it. You can find them at corners of some streets, at some convenience stores, and at major international airports.

How do I pickup at a residential address?SIEBEL

We deliver your order by normal postal service so it will be just dropped in a mailbox as long as the name of the house or room owner you provided to us is correct. However, in cases where the mailbox is too small or already full, they will leave a slip for redelivery request and bring the package back to the nearest branch. To avoid the possible delivery problems, we recommend that you pick up at a nearest post office. It will be easier and quicker in most cases.

How much is the shipping fee and tax?SIEBEL

For Pocket WiFi rentals, shipping fee is 720 yen per every 2 units (e.g. if you order 3 units, shipping fee will be 1,020yen). The shipping fee includes the prepaid return package.  Consumption tax in Japan is currently 8%. 

Can I pay with credit card?SIEBEL

Yes, you can. We accept credit cards through  Stripe (a well-known and secure online payment platform). All the major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

Do you accept cash on delivery?SIEBEL

We do not currently accept cash on delivery.

Can I get a receipt for my order?SIEBEL

Yes, you can. The payment system automatically sends a purchase receipt to your email after your order successfully goes through but if you need an official receipt, please contact us with your order number and the address if it's needed on the invoice.

How good is the coverage?SIEBEL

All our Pocket WiFi models have good coverage throughout Japan covering more than 98% of the population, so the coverage should not be a problem wherever in Japan you go. However, coverage in very remote areas with no population cannot be guaranteed. Our wifi router is 2017 model and it’s very fast(612Mbps).

Is data allowance truly unlimited? Is there any type of restrictions?SIEBEL

Yes it is truly unlimited, without any type of restrictions.

Can I use it outside of Japan?SIEBEL

No, it does not work outside of Japan. Customers are not allowed to bring our devices outside of Japan.

Can it be charged via USB?SIEBEL

Yes. Pocket WiFi device uses micro USB or USB type-C for charging and we provide a USB cable along as one of the accessories along with the device.

Does the Pocket WiFi include a SIM card inside? Or do I have to buy one?SIEBEL

It comes with a SIM card inside as a unit. You do not have to buy anything extra.

How long does the battery last?SIEBEL

With the extra portable battery we provide, it normally lasts for a whole day. However, it really depends on how often and how long you use the device.

How do I set up the Pocket WiFi?SIEBEL

It's just like using any other WiFi network. Select the network name (SSID) on your device Enter Password You can check its SSID and Password on the device screen.

How many devices can a Pocket WiFi connect simultaneously?SIEBEL

It can connect up to 15 devices simultaneously.

Is it possible to extend my rental period?SIEBEL

It is possible to extend it unless we are fully booked. Contact us with the number of days you would like to extend(Or the date you would like to return.).

Do you have any physical stores or booths?SIEBEL

No, we don't. We currently operate online only and do not have any physical stores.