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FoxWifi Reviews. How good is FoxWifi?

In this article, I will just put the reviews we got on our facebook page.
They are (of course) all from our real users and not made up as you can see on our facebook page.

The contents are completely the same, so you can just jump to our facebook page to see it or read some here.

Affordable price, SUPERB customer service. Good network. In brief, would highly recommend. The following are the details...

I flew in to Haneda with a VERY SHORT layover to Kobe. I arrived on a weekend and services are limited then. Customer service replied my inquiry within 2 MINUTES, and continued to work with me to find a solution in a very prompt time. They offered to acquire a temporary mail box for me and gave me precise instructions to access.

They later went even further and had somebody waiting for me at my arrival area. Very quick with email responses, provided a thin profile power bank, and gave me instructions to my next terminal as well as how power banks must be carried on planes.

I used FoxWifi in my recent trip to Tokyo. I found this service online when comparing with other services. I found this to be the cheapest service right now. I got it just for JPY 2,888 for 4 days, which is much cheaper than others. I ordered it online 4 days before the travel and I got the notification with tracking number that it was shipped, 2 days before my arrival. The package was waiting for me at the Narita T2 Post office. I turned on the Pocket Wifi and it started working immediately. It came with a slim Mi power bank too. The Pocket wifi is a new device from Fujisoft and it lasted for a day of heavy usage without any charge. The 4G LTE provider was Softbank and the signal was great everywhere. The most surprising thing is, unlike other services, Foxwifi is truly unlimited 4G. The return was also seamless. I just put it inthe prepaid postage package and left it at the airport Post office. I was very pleased with the service and highly recommend FoxWifi. I will use this service again when i return to Japan in November.

Unlimited data with super speed besides more than a day a long life battery in continuous usege with thin powerbank. Easy shipping, easy to use.6 star rating! Working on Fuji too :) Thank you for saving our lives and time in japan! marvellous support.

This is my second time traveling to Japan. Last year I didn’t use Fox WiFi but this year I did because of the affordability. I didn’t have high expectations but Fox WiFi blew me out of the water! The long battery life was the first surprise especially because they include an extra battery so you have about 20 hours of use. Plus the unlimited data with no daily limit combined with the price is what really sold me. I was an assistant on a study abroad program and I recommended to all my students that they get Fox WiFi because of the affordability. I’m really glad I recommended it to them because it’s affordable and it’s great quality. Their customer service is great too!

I began using Fox Wifi in August 2018 when I moved to Japan with the JET program. I thought it would be a temporary arrangement, but after experiencing their AMAZING customer service, super reliable and fast service, and affordable monthly price, I'm still using them nearly a year later. I plan to always use them until I move back to the U.S. in a year.
BIG TIME recommend!!!

Awesome price, network, and customer service. Had no issues with it throughout my time in Japan. Found myself in a pickle on the last day for the return and they were instantaneous in assisting me. Would highly recommend and reuse their service, thank you!!

Foxwifi was a lifesaver during my trip in Japan. I was able to get fast and consistent 4G connection throughout Tokyo and Oasaka. Their staff is also very friendly and helpful when I had a few questions with regards to pickup and return of the device. Strongly recommend for any travellers planning to visit Japan and require reliable data connection.

From pick up to set up is very easy
The WiFi unit battery can last whole day
Plus they gave me the power bank just in case
Connection speed is faster than what I need while my whole family’s device connected to the unit
Customer service email is right away

Having the necessity to periodically go to Tokyo, I've found in FoxWifi my best choice for the following reasons:
- Very strong and stable connection, this helps me a lot because I have to work online, make conference call with organisation in my home country and I never had connection problem. Also the video streaming is perfect.
- The devices are new and small
- Customer service is amazing, really. They answer very quickly, they are kind and understanding, many times I had to extend my staying in Japan and they helped me in doing so with the Wifi Rental period in no time.
- Easy to collect at the airport and to send it back the last day. I suggest to use the post office i Narita Airport to collect and send the device.

What a great service ! So powerful and cheap ! Very easy for using the Pocket Wifi. I picked up it at airport at my arrival. Everything is explained inside the little bag provided.
With FoxWifi i’ve never had any problem about battery duration ( near 20hrs of autonomy ! ). Even if you have a problem, they give you a power bank.
I traveled through all main regions of Japan, and i’ve always be connected. Don’t worry about countryside regions , it works also ! And very well.
To return it, you just have to send the set of pocket WiFi in a postal box thanks to the return letter provided.
Thanks for making my trip amazing !

Works everywhere. Small compact router, keeps charge all day.
Friendly, helpful staff, prompt and responsive to inquiries.
Highly recommended!!

The best wifi company ever, fast and steady internet throughout the whole travel. We had special situation needed to extend the wifi, they offer us nothing but a great customer service!

foxwifi provided good service with reasonable price. I truly recommend them if you travel in Japan. 5 star!

One of the only actually non throttled and unlimited services!

I highly recommend the pocket wifi provided by FoxWifi for anyone looking to travel to Japan. The speed of the device for uploading holiday videos and photos was outstanding. The instructions provided on how to connect were simple to follow and no issues were encountered when connecting multiple devices.
Customer service was great with all questions to FoxWifi quickly answered.
I will definitely be a return customer with FoxWifi when I come back to Japan!

I hired a mobile wifi through FoxWifi Tokyo to use while I have been in Japan for a friends wedding. The service has been flawless and made my time navigating train timetimes and tricky streets very smooth. I will certainly be using them again on my next visit. Highly Recomended!

FoxWifi Tokyo is very cool company. Fast deliver wifi device in a comfortable spot your select (airport, hotel...). Good kit (wifi device, AC charger, power bank). Fast speed with no limitation. Cheap price (especially if ordered in a couple of weeks). Easy return with sended envelope with printed address and using any post office/box. Thank you for your work!!!

We used FoxWifi for three weeks while travelling in Japan. The wifi service was fantastic and reasonably priced. We would recomend FoxWifi to anyone looking to hire a pocket wifi and would certainly use this company again

Really helpful company. Service was excellent and ON POINT. Kept me from being lost in Tokyo. Price was excellent and would highly recommend service.

I highly recommend FoxWifi as the best pocket wifi rental company in Japan, I have been very happy, all my questions are answered , the battery life is extremely good plus you get an extra power pack and the reception is always good, with very high speeds. I would not go with any other company and highly recommend using FoxWifi as your go to pocket wifi company, they make it very easy to pick up and return as well. Than you very much Fox Wifi

Best affordable pocket wifi you will find in Japan. I rented it for two weeks and I didn’t have any problems with it. I will definitely use their service again on my next vacation to Japan.

The perfect travel companion! We picked up our FoxWifi at Narita airport right after we landed and it worked flawlessly for the 2 weeks we were in Japan. A well priced excellent service. Would definitely recommend.

My first international trip to Japan and I have to say the single BEST thing I had to prepare me for this trip was this pocket WiFi device!
I picked it up from the airport as soon as I landed! It had lasted me the entire trip and it was not issue adding on a few days when my trip was extended a few days! Honestly the WiFi on here is much faster than many hotels so you’ll want to use this all the time!
It also comes with a mini battery pack I have never had an issue with battery life it lasts a day and a half easy!
Thank you so much! I’ll definitely get again when I’m back in a Tokyo and Osaka next year! Thank you so much!

great service and cover all over the holiday period. the equipment is robust and keeps a good charge.
extra charger worked very well.Great service, enormously fast Wifi all around Japan, best value for money. Recommended!!! Thank, Mark (Germany)

These guys were great! Other companies I looked at needed to be booked days ahead, which I didn’t realize until booking time, but foxwifi took care of me within 24 hours of my arrival to Japan. Because of the short notice, I opted for the $10 surcharge for express delivery and when I arrived to my hotel, the device was there. In addition, it was fully charged ready to go and they even included an external battery backup at no extra charge.
We traveled to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo and had no issues whatsoever accessing the internet in any location.
I would highly recommend foxwifi and will definitely use them again.

Very good service from FoxWifi.
The pocket wifi has worked very well during all my trip. Moreover, the external battery supplied with the pocket wifi is very usefull.
The price is one of the lowest in the market.
I recommand it without hesitation!
Thank you FoxWifi!

FoxWifi made our trip amazing. Internet speeds are extremely consistent and fast, allowing us to share our experience with loved ones. The battery life on the unit is tremendous and having the power bank supplied made it stress free the entire trip. We will be recommending and using again with no hesitation. 10/10!!!

Great way to get online, unlimited internet usage in Japan. Picked it up on arrival from the Post Office at Narita airport and it worked a charm for our whole trip. The Wifi device lasted all day, but a power bank was included anyway and was really handy. Will use FoxWifi again 100%!

This is our second time in Japan and definitely can say we are extremely satisfied with FoxWifi. An underrated company but never had any issues with perfect connection everywhere we travelled. Foxwifi would also last the entire day for us compared to other providers from Klook and online (usually lasting 8 hours). Small and compact - easy to drop off and return. Fantastic and quick service always! Thanks

Have confidence in FoxWifi.
I was a bit concerned about whether I was about to be scammed as the English grammar on their websites etc. was a bit incorrect and the price was so good. I kept a close I on my account for a few days, but no problem.
Their communication by email was also very prompt.
Post Office pickup at Narita Airport was easy and drop back in supplied pre-paid envelope equally easy.
Travelled as a family of 5. People watching Netflix, Youtube, etc and no problems.
I didn't bother connecting to Hotel, Shinkasen, etc. wifi networks as the FoxWifi was faster.
Came with all the necessary cables/adaptors and a backup battery power-pack. We used the power-pack to keep our phones charged when we were out and about as the modem's battery would last the day.
Organising the phones/communication was one of the few jobs I had to do, and I nailed it!

- really convenient
- picked up at arrival destination / can be deliver to where you stay too
- fast & unlimited
- simple easy & straight forward
- included mail package so you can drop off anywhere in post office (arrived tokyo, dropped off at osaka on my last day)
- included power-bank (depend on which package u buy)

- charger cable (no good, keep falling out, used my own)
- powerbank (weird, doesn’t really work, it keep shut down, used my own)

Excellent customer services and Internet reception around Japan.
I had a WiFi router for my half month say in Japan. I went deep into mountains in Kyushu island so many times. The FoxWiFi had picked up very stable WiFi signals all the times and I did not miss any communications to my home country.
Also they offered super good customer service through and through to the end. I miss-typed my passport# as I rent a WiFi router, they fixed it right away. Also as leaving Japan, I forgot to return one of accessories I was supposed to return. They responded it right away with the instruction.
I recommend FoxWiFi !! Thank you so much ! 10 out of 10.

We had an amazing experience with FoxWiFi!
Internet speed was really great, and customer service very available.
I 100% recommend.
Thank you FoxWiFi!