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What are the pocket wifi options at airports? How much are they?

You'd probably wonder what mobile internet options you have when you get to the airport.

I did a research and made a chart so you can easily compare the options.
Let's get straight to it.

narita airport wifi options

Unfortunately, some providers don't have clear information published on their website.
When I used one of the providers that didn't have clear information about data cap on their website and confirmation email, I asked their staff what their data cap is and they told me it is 500MB(0.5GB)/day. 
It might be a good idea to ask detail before actually getting one.
But in my personal opinion, I think if they don't have clear information published, they tend not to have good data caps.

You should get one online today.

To be honest, we, FoxWifi, do not have our own separate desk at the airport.
However, you can still pick up our products at the most major airports.

Here are some voices from our customers who picked up at airpoort.
They can be found in the reviews on our Facebook page.(

We picked up our FoxWifi at Narita airport right after we landed and it worked flawlessly for the 2 weeks we were in Japan.

I picked it up from the airport as soon as I landed! It had lasted me the entire trip and it was not issue adding on a few days when my trip was extended a few days!

I would not go with any other company and highly recommend using FoxWifi as your go to pocket wifi company, they make it very easy to pick up and return as well. Than you very much Fox Wifi

Trust me, things are never cheaper at the airport, so I'd just recommend you to book online.
There are some more providers that operate only online like us and you can see the comparison on our home page.
Please check it out!