Terms and Conditions

These terms apply to all customers renting our products.

1-1. A rental product refers to any equipment listed on the rental contract, including, but not limited to, mobile wifi device, prepaid SIM card, battery charger, portable battery charger, and softcover.

1-2. All customers are granted only the right for personal use of the rental product and may not sell or rent it to any unauthorized personnel. All rental products must be used only for legitimate and legal purposes.

1-3. This contract is termed once FoxWifi receives an application from the customer.

1-4. All customers are responsible for any costs resulting from any legal processes that are due to the nonfulfillment of the contract, or any other illegitimate loss caused by failure to comply with the contract.

Mobile-Wifi device, Rental service

2-1. Rental cost is displayed on the website. 1180JPY will be charged additionally when the rental start date is within two days(JST) from the order date.

2-2. Data transfer cost in the rental period is included in the rental fee. There shall be no extra cost for data transfer except for international roaming.

2-3. FoxWifi does not guarantee the service area, speed, network connection, and data traffic conditions at anywhere and anytime. All customers have to be noticed that the specifications shown in product information is based on best-effort.

2-4. FoxWifi does not make any refunds for reasons such as coverage for the service area, speed, or date traffic conditions.

2-5. In case the customer brings the device/sim card back to the home country, there may be international roaming cost if the power is on. Customers will be charged with all the roaming fees.

2-6. Customers have to submit a valid email address that FoxWifi can reach anytime when placing an order. In case FoxWifi could not reach the customer or the customer did not respond within 48 hours, and there is any trouble caused by the communication difficulty, FoxWifi doesn't take any responsibility.

2-7. Customers have to submit valid personal information when ordering. In case customers did not, FoxWifi cannot provide the customer with its services and no refund will be made.

2-8. In case there wes a trouble with the delivery, pickup, the device or the change of current rental plan, FoxWifi will rearrange a new package for the customer with the earliest schedule possible. Customers must note that it may take time since the delivery schedule depends on the delivery company. FoxWifi will When there is a related cost, FoxWifi may charge the customer when FoxWifi confirmed that the package is delivered.

2-9. Customers are required to notify FoxWifi by the end of the first rental date when the customer could not pick up the package on the scheduled date. FoxWifi does not take any responsibility when customers notify FoxWifi that the customer did not pick up the package afterwords.

2-10. Customers have to be noted that FoxWifi may provide customers with a different type(model) of devices, depending on the stocks.

2-11. Customers have to be noted that FoxWifi is not responsible for the functionality of the battery inside of the device, mobile battery, AC adopter and cables that FoxWifi provides.

2-12. Customers have to be noted that the service is available only in Japan.

2-13. When FoxWifi changes the rental plans, FoxWifi notifies its customers through the content of web page. FoxWifi provides the customers with the plan that was presented at the time that the customers ordered.

2-14. When an order is made within two days from the start of the rental period, FoxWifi doesn't assure that the package will be delivered by the specified time at the specified pickup location and FoxWifi may allocate the stocks that is already delivered at post office to the order. In this case, FoxWifi may charge the customer with 570JPY for the allocation fee and FoxWifi doesn't assure that the allocated devices have the same data plan. However, FoxWifi will arrange the delivery for the plan that the customer ordered for another shipping cost.

2-15. When a customer submit a wrong date by accident, FoxWifi doesn't take any responsibility including refund.

2-16. The network speed may vary, depending on the network providers such as Softbank and software version of the device.

2-17. FoxWifi doesn't take responsibility for bugs or any inconvenience caused by the software of the device.

2-18. Customers have to submit the name that is used for hotel booking so that hotel can tell it is the hotel guest when the customer chose a hotel as a pickup location. FoxWifi doesn't take any responsibility if the name provided is not correct. If the name provided is not correct and FoxWifi had to change the name, FoxWifi will charge the customer with 1,000JPY for the procedure fee. If the hotel did not receive the package or the customer requested to, FoxWifi might resend the package, but the customer will be charged with the reshipping fee. (860 JPY for shipping, including returning envelop and 1180JPY if the shipping has to be made within 2 days.)

2-19. When an Airbnb room is specified as a pickup location, the pocket wifi package won't be delivered directly to the airbnb room since no one is receiving it. Instead, it is delivered to the most convenient post office near the specified address.

2-20. When the provided address is insufficient to deliver the package, the package will be delivered to the most convenient location near the provided address.


When a cancel request is made, FoxWifi will ask the reason for the cancellation to make it clear.

3-1. FoxWifi does not accept refund request by reason of customers not willing to submit required information since all the telecommunication providers including FoxWifi are required and supervised by the Japanese government(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) to save customers' personal information to avoid illegal use.

3-2. FoxWifi doesn't accept cancellation or refund request by reason of customers willing to change the pickup options(ex. location, name, and so on.).

3-3. Cancellation of an order must be made before three days before the start date of the rental period or before FoxWifi ships the package out.(Approximately three days before the start date of the rental period.) Otherwise, FoxWifi charges 100% of the rental fee. This policy will be applied when a customer could not pick up the package and did not use it.

3-4. FoxWifi doesn't accept cancellation or refund request due to a delay caused by delivery providers such as Japan Post. FoxWifi must try to arrange a different pickup option such as hotel pickup when the customer failed to pick it up.

3-5. FoxWifi doesn't accept cancellation or refund request due to incidents including but not limited to war, terrorism, riot, labor strike, public health issue (incl. virus outbreak, epidemic and pandemic), production cancellation, government control, national defence, explosion, typhoon, fire, flood, abnormal weather, volcano eruption, and earthquake. When one of these is the situation, FoxWifi doesn't accept cancellation and refund request even if the request is made before three days before the rental start date.

3-6. FoxWifi doesn't accept cancellation or refund request once a customer receives the package from FoxWifi. This policy will be applied when customers return the package earlier than expected too.

3-7. FoxWifi doesn't pay back when a customer returned the rental equipments earlier than the scheduled date.


4-1. In case of loss or damage of equipment upon inappropriate use, customers will be charged the following compensation fee by FoxWifi.

55,000 JPY for loss or critical damage(including cracked screen and water damage), 22,000JPY for loss of back cover, 5,500 JPY for loss of battery inside the device (including when it couldn't be sent back to us by mail), 11,000JPY for loss of sim card, 5,500 JPY for dents(by dropping on the ground, for example) and 3,300 JPY for lighter damage(including scratches, chocolate or snack damage, or scribbling or putting sticker on the device) of Mobile-Wifi router body, 6,600 JPY for mobile battery, 4,400 JPY for Type-C AC adaptor, 2,200 JPY for micro USB Cable, 2,200 JPY for Type-C USB Cable, 2,200 JPY for pouch, 4,400 JPY for small AC adaptor, 2,200JPY for putting sticker on equipments except for pocket wifi device. Customers have to make sure that all the items are packed into the pouch that we provide to avoid damages on the way back to us. Customers have to be noted that loss includes when the customer did not return the rental equipments. 5% of transaction fee will be added to all the compensation.

4-2. In case a customer did not return the package by the specified date, FoxWifi will charge the customer with the compensation fee of 1,500 JPY per day for the delay and the customer has to pay the sending back fee. Customers must note that there are no post boxes after the security check at airports.

4-3. Customers cannot compensate by purchasing a replacement and return it in stead of the lost equipment and FoxWifi will charge for the lost equipment.

4-4. In case FoxWifi recognize that FoxWifi cannot expect the return of the package, FoxWifi will charge the customer with full compensation fee without obligation to notify the customer.

4-5. In case a customer could not pick up or lost a package and FoxWifi located the package, FoxWifi may let the customer know the location and ask the customer to pick it up. In case the customer did not pick it up, FoxWifi will charge the customer with three months worth of the rental price without any discount.

4-6. All customers are required to report any loss or damage regarding the rental equipment to FoxWifi and follow the instructions on the required process afterward. FoxWifi is required to let customers know that there is a damage before the customer starts using it when providing a damaged but fully functioning device. When there are damages on the device provided, all customers are required to report damages by the end of the first day in Japan local time to let FoxWifi know that there were damages before the customer started using. Customers may be charged with compensation fee for damages that are not reported to FoxWifi.

4-7. When FoxWifi can reasonably doubt a customer has not read the our terms (ex. through system logs, the time spent on the page referring to an analytics tool, etc.), FoxWifi is no longer required to make a refund to the customer.

4-8. FoxWifi may charge the customer with the compensation fee beforehand without notifying the customer as deposit to avoid customers not paying by suspending their credit card. FoxWifi will return the deposit back to the customer when FoxWifi get the items back or confirms that there was no need for the customer to compensate.

4-9. When a customer opens a charge dispute without reasonable reasons, FoxWifi will charge the customer with transaction fee of 5,000JPY per dispute.

4-10. When a customer lose the equipments, FoxWifi may try to find it. (ex. filing a police report) FoxWifi may charge the customer for the transaction fee of 5,000JPY. When FoxWifi find the equipments, FoxWifi will charge the customer for delay fee of 1,500JPY/day, from the end date of the rental pediod.

4-11. Compensation fee will be charged to the credit card that is used to pay.

4-12. After any type of compensation charge, FoxWifi has no obligation to pay the compensation fee back to the customer.

4-13. FoxWifi has no obligation to notify the customer upon any compensation charges.

5. FoxWifi reserves the right to cancel this contract and charge the full compensation without obligation to notify customers once it confirms any nonfulfillment of contract, such as a failure to return equipment after completion of the rental period and/or false information in the contract. Upon charging, FoxWifi may try to charge less amount for multiple times when the charging failed, to get as much compensation as it can. After cancellation, FoxWifi may contact the customer to retrieve rental equipment and the customer will be responsible for incurring costs. Customers are obligated to return the equipment immediately upon request by FoxWifi.

Pickup & Return

6-1. Customers are required to return rental equipment as instructed on FoxWifi webpage. Customers will be charged 1,500JPY/day after the return date in case of returning delay.

6-2. Customers are required to check their email box every day to check if it has received emails from FoxWifi when arrive in Japan. FoxWifi may change the pickup option for convenience.

6-3. Customers who pick up the package through coin locker have to let FoxWifi know when picked up the package. Customers will be charged 500JPY/day after the scheduled pickup date and three times worth of handling fee.

6-4. When express shipping is available, it is only for mejor airports. Although FoxWifi is required to arrange the package as soon as possible, customers are required to understand the possibility of the delay. Customers can't specify the pickup time for hotel pickup.

6-5. When the order requires an express shipping, FoxWifi charges the customer with the express shipping fee which is written next to the order submit button in the order form.

6-6. FoxWifi has no obligation to notify the customer upon any charges regarding pickup and return.

7. The use of the service shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all disputes arising with respect thereto.

8. FoxWifi will not to be held accountable for damage or loss resulting from incidents such as war, terrorism, riot, labor strike, production cancellation, fire, volcano eruption, earthquake, and energy trouble.