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Topic:12/20/2019 FoxWifi website renewal! We are always looking for a better experience for every customer.
Topic:01/10/2020 For people coming in February, March, and April: Please order ASAP. Pocket Wifi tends to be out of stock in the busy season.

FoxWifi is geliefd en vertrouwd door klanten

Bedankt voor meer dan 700.000 klanten! Hier zijn enkele stemmen die we van onze klanten kregen.

/ 8,598 Klanten-reviews
Jonelle Flinn Verified User

It was very stable and pretty fast. Used in Tokyo.


Ezekiel Morquecho Verified User

The Pocket WiFi is awesome.


Anibal Mcdermott Verified User

I got this Pocket WiFi 4G device for my 8-days trip in Japan and it was really useful!


Kathrine Jent Verified User

Very fast and steady connection find my way all the time.


Maxima Voges Verified User



Shauna Milhorn Verified User

Speed and battery life is excellent.


Bess Cromartie Verified User

Had no complains with the pocket WiFi which we rented for 10 days.


Vashti Croce Verified User

Battery lasted longer than 6 hours. Overall connection was good too.


Archie Chon Verified User

very good connection and signal in Tokyo all the time!


Catherin Mayfield Verified User

It is high speed and easy to use.


Ardath Zimmerman Verified User

will purchase again the wifi egg is good


Wesley Bettinger Verified User

The wifi experience is great!! Speed and battery life is good!


Sara Bakley Verified User

Good service and quite reliable.


Myrtie Tibbets Verified User

high speed internet! the battery can use whole day without charging.


Joannie Poss Verified User

The network is much more stable than i thought


Tyler Hayles Verified User

Great connection and good price. Very easy to use and good service


Agustin Reisner Verified User

Everything worked perfectly


Barbara Allison Verified User

The wifi is stable even in more rural area of Tokyo.


Imelda Luoma Verified User

The pocket Wifi worked without any problems.


Kitty Stinebaugh Verified User

Perfect for travelling around japan no issues anywhere worked perfectly. Fast internet good for streaming too


Shayna Vazquez Verified User

The device is reliable in connection and the price is reasonable.


Alma Coldwell Verified User

Good connection in japan. Probably will rent it next time.


Tish Jamerson Verified User

Convenient pick-up location. A must-have when travelling.


Cheryl Cisneros Verified User

Excellent service. Technical support, quick to respond and available to solve problems. I will definitely use it again on my next trip.


Epifania Josephson Verified User

Cheap and good connect


Johnathon Amison Verified User

I used this pocket WiFi for 15 days while I was travelling Japan and it was extremely useful.


Deedee Jasso Verified User

fast speed & easy to get & return it


Leonila Soluri Verified User

Fast, smooth and stable wifi connection. The battery can last for 10-12 hours. The pick up and return procedures are also very simple. Will definitely use it again.


Giselle Schipper Verified User

High speed connection. Easy pick up and drop off. Higly recommended.


Camilla Morano Verified User

I definitely would use this service again.


Shonda Mansfield Verified User

Pocket Wifi provided seamless and excellent connectivity through out the duration of my stay. The speeds were excellent and the coverage was ubiquitous. An excellent option to stay connected in Japan


Alia Sternberg Verified User

Convenient Pick Up, Drop Off and good connectivity


Halina Lorenzana Verified User

Easy to pick up and return at the Airport. The WiFi egg is easy to use and functioned perfectly during our 8 days travel.


Sharda Conatser Verified User

No issues at all, fast connection in all locations


Zoe Madore Verified User

Good services and quality


Shella Annis Verified User

Easy to use and it’s not so expensive! Good for traveling with friends and family.


Apryl Melecio Verified User

I’m happy that we decided to rent a portable wi-fi for our stay in Tokyo. Google maps was a life-saver for transportations! We had the device delivered to our Hotel.


Neil Ullman Verified User

So convenient and not expensive


Bette Corso Verified User

Easy to pick up and return at airport. Connection is good. Very convinient that I can share connection with my family.


Arlen Kersh Verified User

Easy to pick up, quick and convenient to use,bactery enough for almost whole daytime.


Waarom houden mensen van pocket wifi van FoxWifi?

Beste prijsgarantie

We provide pocket wifi with unlimited data plan, but still at an affordable price. Thanks to our perfect management system and planning, we are able to keep our prices low while still giving you the best plan.

Onbeperkt datagebruik

Met ons dataplan kunt u eropuit trekken en van Japan genieten zonder u zorgen te hoeven maken over internet. Het plan wordt geleverd met onbeperkte gegevens, zonder enige vorm van beperking!

Gratis draagbare oplader

Though our pocket wifi has a all-day long battery life for average use, we include free extra mobile battery. Now you have really nothing to worry about!

612 Mbps snelheid met Softbank 4G LTE-netwerk

Data AllowanceEcht onbeperkt (Geen snelheidsbeperking)
Downlink / Uplink (beste inspanning)612Mbps/ 37.5Mbps
Area coverage ratio100% of the population
Aantal apparaten dat verbinding kan makenTot 15 apparaten

Wat is FoxWifi?

Wij zijn een toonaangevende WiFi- en SIM-provider, vertrouwd door klanten van over de hele wereld. Als u niet bekend bent met de service, kan deze video u misschien helpen!

How to Pick Up and Return?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • 1. Order online

    With our streamlined ordering system, you will be done with the whole process in a few minutes. Just submit the dates and pickup location with your information.

  • 2. Pick up our pocket wifi

    Pick up the ordered item at the selected location. Turn the pocket wifi on and connect to it from your smartphone. SSID and password are printed on the pocket wifi device.

  • 3. Return

    Put everything in the prepaid envelope we enclosed for free and drop it off in any post box in Japan. You can find a postbox at the major airports. Everything required is printed on the envelop, so you don't have to write anything on it. It’s super simple and easy!

Pickup Locations


Airport pickup is available at most major airports such as Narita, Haneda and Kansai International Airport. Check out opening hours when ordering.

Post Office

We deliver to any post office branches including ones that are open 24 hours. You can pick ones near your accommodations on map when ordering.


We can also deliver the pocket wifi to hotels you're staying. You can simply ask the hotel staff at the front desk upon checkin. Please let us know your booking name and dates.

Office or Residence

You can also specify an office address or your friends' residence. Note that we do not usually recommend this option to avoid troubles to receive the package. Let us know the receiver's name.

Where do people pick up?


Narita Airport

Haneda Airport

Tokyo Station

Shinjuku Station

Shibuya Station

Kansai Area(Incl. Osaka, Kyoto)

Kansai International Airport(KIX)

Osaka Station

Kyoto Station


Chubu Centrair International Airport

Nagoya Station

Other Area

New Chitose Airport(Hokkaido)

Naha Airport(Okinawa)

Naha Central Post Office

Hakata Post Office(Hakata Station, Fukuoka)

Why does pocket wifi suit you?


As it works just like home wifi router, you can use the device with your group or with your other devices such as smartphone, laptop and tablet. Our Pocket WiFi allows you to connect up to 15 devices.

Secure Data

Unlike free wifi spots without password, your connection will always be encrypted. Never trust the scary internet! Secure your privacy with our pocket wifi, with no third party in your wifi connection.

Guaranteed Compatibility

Pocket Wifi works just like a home wifi router. As long as your device has wifi function, you do not have to worry about anything else, unlike sim card and phone compatibility.

Fast LTE Data

All of our Pocket WiFi rental plans operate under Softbank's 4G/LTE network, most renowned network for pocket WiFi products and smartphones.

Want to see more reviews?

Sure, we are so proud of our service.

Wij bieden de beste prijs.

Om het eenvoudig te maken, hebben we de prijs van de concurrenten onderzocht, inclusief alle verborgen kosten (bijvoorbeeld belasting, verzendkosten en transactiekosten)

We kunnen de prijs aanbieden, dankzij het in eigen huis ontwikkelde efficiënte managementsysteem en onze perfecte planning.

daysFoxWifi(612Mbps)Anyfi(187Mbps)GlobalAdvanced(187Mbps)JP Wireless(187Mbps)easygo(150Mbps)sakura(225Mbps)
13000 or less!-3,9604,7661,570-
33000 or less!5,1003,9605,1982,5506,588
53600 or less!7,0604,9505,8463,5308,197
74480 or less!9,0205,5506,4944,5109,709
106000 or less!11,9606,4507,4665,98011,102
157800 or less!13,4607,9509,0868,43012,841
208800 or less!14,4609,45010,70610,88015,854
2510000 or less!14,46010,95012,32613,33019,094
3012000 or less!14,46012,45013,94615,78022,334

Beste prijsgarantie

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Pocket WiFi exactly?

Pocket WiFi, also known as MiFi, WiFi dongle, is a portable WiFi router that works as a mobile hotspot and allows you to access the internet. Pocket WiFi functions the same way as your wireless router at home does. The defining difference being that Pocket WiFi is compact, portable, and does not require any installation.

Q. How many days in advance should I place my order?

It's recommended to order 3 days in advance as there might be some restrictions on pickup locations if it's later than that (you can still order though). But in general, the earlier, the better as we might run out of stock especially in high seasons.

Q. Does my phone work with Pocket WiFi?

If you have a smartphone that is capable of connecting to WiFi then it can work with Pocket WiFi. It works with any WiFi-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Q. How much is the shipping fee and tax?

Shipping fee and tax are included to the price displayed in this website. We made it as simple as possible.

Q. Can I use Pocket WiFi outside of Japan?

No, our Pocket WiFi devices do not work outside of Japan. You need to make sure the power is off if you have to have it outside Japan, to avoid expensive international roaming fee.

Q. How good is the coverage?

All our Pocket WiFi models have great coverage throughout Japan covering more than 99% of the population, so most places an ordinary traveler will go should not have any issues with coverage. That said, coverage in very remote areas cannot be guaranteed.

Our Corporate Clients

Opmerkingen over Wifi-verhuur

De hierboven getoonde verbindingssnelheden zijn gebaseerd op optimale omstandigheden. De werkelijke snelheden kunnen variëren, afhankelijk van de locatie en de verbindingsstatus.

Op uw apparaat moet wifi zijn ingeschakeld.

Deze service is alleen beschikbaar in Japan.

We raden aan om alleen op de luchthaven te worden opgehaald als uw vlucht vroeg genoeg vóór de sluitingstijd van het postkantoor op de luchthaven arriveert.

Er worden annuleringskosten in rekening gebracht als deze binnen 3 werkdagen voor aanvang van de service worden geannuleerd.

Wat zit er in het mobiele wifi-pakket?

・Pocket WiFi (draagbare router)

・Extra batterij (gratis)





・Retourenveloppe (prepaid)

Waarom heb je mobiele wifi nodig?

Wat is pocket wifi?

Pocket Wifi is een klein mobiel wifi-routerapparaat waarmee u verbinding kunt maken met internet via het wifi-toegangspunt. Het werkt als een gewoon wifi-toegangspunt, waarmee u verbinding kunt maken vanaf uw telefoon, tablet, laptop of elk type apparaat met wifi-functie. Het wordt ook wel 'mobiele / draagbare hotspot' of 'mobiele router' genoemd, maar ze zijn identiek. Pocket Wifi is heel gewoon in Japan, niet alleen bij reizigers, maar ook bij lokale zakenmensen, omdat het moeilijk is om wifi-hotspots in het openbaar in Japan te vinden.

Gratis wifi-hotspots kunnen moeilijk te vinden zijn

Een betrouwbare internetverbinding hebben is een noodzaak voor reizen in Japan! Met onze mobiele wifi kunt u altijd een routebeschrijving opzoeken, uw reisfoto's en video's publiceren, vertalingen opzoeken, contact houden met vrienden en familie en nog veel meer. Volgens de resultaten van een recent onderzoek uitgevoerd door het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Communicatie en het Japan Tourism Agency, is het vinden van een internetverbinding een van de belangrijkste problemen waarmee bezoekers in Japan worden geconfronteerd. Door een mobiele wifi-oplossing te kiezen in plaats van een prepaid simkaart, kunt u meer gegevens tegen lagere prijzen gebruiken en deze met uw hele groep delen tussen meerdere apparaten.

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