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When is the busy season for pocket wifi rental in Japan?

Believe it or not, in these last 5 years, the number of people coming to Japan has been doubled.
In terms of capacity, most of the places especially where tourists would go are crowded.
Tokyo is such a big city, but I think many places are not spacious.
More and more tourists, on top of the biggest number of the population in the world. (

I personally don't like being in a place where a lot of people are and I like to travel in less busy seasons.
But I understand, the reason why there are busy seasons is that a lot of people have time off their school or work and sometimes traveling in one of the busy seasons is the only choice you have.
In busy seasons, some things are different and you may have to be careful to arrange a perfect trip.
In this article, I will show you when is the busy seasons in Japan and what you have to care about in terms of getting pocket wifi in Japan.

1. Mid-March to Mid-April

Spring in Japan has such perfect weather and beautiful trees, sakura. (Cherry blossoms)
Many people in different countries have a spring break and come visit Japan and enjoy sakura.
Cherry Blossom Festival

2. Christmas to New Year Season

New year season is also when people have time off school and work.
Some people choose to take a trip to Japan to have a memorable Christmas.
Some people choose to spend time in Japan to greet a New Year.

3. June to July

This is also one of the seasons when people have their time off school.
Japan has a rainy season in June and it gets pretty hot in July but still, a lot of people decide to take a trip to Japan.

4. Autumn: Colored Leaves Season

People Enjoy Colored Trees in Kimono

From October to November, Japan has another beautiful season.
Not only people from overseas, but also local people love the season.
People take a trip to places where they can enjoy beautiful trees.

So, what can you do to make sure you can get a pocket wifi?

Place an order early before your visit.
I know it is not easy to plan and arrange everything early before your trip, but I know you are smart enough to imagine what happens when it's busy.
From our experience, especially in March and New Year season, pocket wifi tends to be out of stock.

We would like you to order as soon as possible, so we can perform perfect planning and operation.
To help you decide to get pocket wifi as soon as possible, a discount rate will be applied depending on how early you order before your rental date.

The earlier, the cheaper! Please check it out!