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Why Rent Pocket WiFi Online BEFORE You Land In Japan? 5 Top Reasons

The internet has changed our way of shopping. Tech giants have spread online commerce in these last 20 years.
A variety of items you can find, secure payment options, quality of online services, and our culture have made online shopping super convenient and now without a doubt, it's one of the main options you consider when buying something.

Here, at FoxWifi, we have arranged a super smooth and perfect experience to make your travel much easier, but still many people choose to rent pocket wifi when they land in Japan.
I understand that preparing a trip is a big deal, and you even might not think about getting pocket wifi before you land, but at least I know you are here if you are reading this.
In this article, I will show you some reasons why you should order your pocket wifi before you land, instead of getting one at the airport when you land.

1. On-site shopping (at the airport) is expensive.

Seriously, what has ever been cheaper to buy at the airport?
Drinks? Local snacks? Coffee? Food? No. Nothing. Maybe some high brand items without local tax.
Imagine how much it costs to have a physical store at the airport with all English speaking staff working a whole time.
According to the research we did, some pocket wifi providers in the airport offer their plans for almost the DOUBLE price with more restrictions like data caps and throttling.

Here is a chart I made according to information found on the internet.
Narita Airport Mobile Internet Options

2. Sometimes you can't find what you want due to high demand.

I've seen some shops at some airports where they don't have pocket wifi stocks left even for double price in busier seasons.
It's too late if you have no idea how to get to your hotel since you can't rely on free public wifi hotspots in Japan. Oh, you didn't know that Japan doesn't have good free wifi situations? Read this article:

3. On-site shopping takes a long time.

Every single person gets tired after their long flight.
Who wants to get in a long line, and talk to non-native speakers when you don't know what is the best option for you.
Well, it sounds almost like a nightmare to me. Totally.

4. On-site shopping doesn't offer you a variety of options.

Usually, they offer plans that come with less data, more restrictions, poor-performance devices.
Why? Because people still buy them since they have no other choices.

5. You don't get enough time to decide what option suits you the best

You are tired. In the middle of all the exhausted crowd trying to get on trains.
Do you think you still can make the best decision in this situation?

What about online then?

  • Reasonable (because of less business cost for sure)
  • Adequate time to know what option suits your need
  • More variety of options
  • Airport pickup (Yes, we provide an option to pick up at the airport.)
  • No need to wait. There's no line in front of you.
  • Takes less time

I hope this article helped your decision about how to rent pocket wifi for your trip to Japan.
Also, at FoxWifi, the sooner before your rental start date you order, the cheaper you can get it for, and cancelation is free until we actually prepare the package and ship it out for you, which is about 2 or 3 days before the rental start date.
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